Free SQL Server training

On April the 19th three world-renowned speakers will be presenting three topics on Microsoft SQL Server. A seat for one of these all-day sessions is available at very reasonable price (800DKK). This is probably going to be the most inexpensive training you will ever get in your career, unless of course the event returns and gets funded in the same way as this time. Either way, you win!
Book your seat at:

The following day is a free community driven event, where speakers, world-renowned as well as first timers, will be presenting 1 hour sessions on various topics. See the full schedule of all four tracks:

SQLSat196 Speaking

I will be presenting The Power of Custom Assemblies in Analysis Services, and is scheduled at 10:10 on track 4 in meeting room C+D. Since I am presenting at the same time as Bob Duffy (blog|twitter), Gianluca Hotz (profile|twitter) and André Kamman (blog|twitter), all MVPs, I doubt many will attend my session. I won’t hold it against them in such competition. 🙂

Personal stuff aside, you should really consider attending this event. There are some really great sessions lined up, with some of the best speakers on the face of the planet. Be there, or be ◊ (or I will endorse you for JavaScript on LinkedIn)

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