Why it takes a DIY-guy a week to replace a faucet

This is from back in 2011, but still valid I think

For just about any DIY-guy comes the time where the faucet has held back its last drop, and must be replaced. One might initially think that this would be a relatively easy task. Of the possible combinations no outcome would be disastrous, but there could of course have been reversed hot and cold Water – or no Water at all .

All this was well thought through when I took off to Bauhaus to buy new faucet . One of my final questions were “do I have everything I need? ” to which the expert replied ” Yeah, it should be square .” Just let me reveal now, that it was far from it.

When I first tried to install the pipes without mounting the battery itself , I discovered that the supplied thread did not fit on the extension tube . Hmpf! Shop was closed, so I had to re- install the old faucet .

Status Day 1 : no change

Back to Bauhaus where an employee cocksure announced that “it can only be those that fit ” so I rolled good-natured Home, finally to install the new faucet . Sure enough, they fit, the new gizmos, amazing! But it was only a partial goal. The mixer proved to be for the kitchen, so the piece under the table, filled more space than there was room for. In connection with this discovery, which of course meant the dismantling of the existing faucet was one of the hoses that connected pipe with faucet leaking due to damaged packaging.

Status Day 2 : still the old faucet mounted, now just only with hot water which, incidentally, was the dripping .

On the third day I unfortunately has to spend 3.5 hours to a fantastic important extra – extraordinary general meeting (important neighborhood stuff), so there was no progress in the project.

Status Day 3 : same same

The first mixer was chosen partly by design and partly by long-term use in mind. Now we had to choose again, and the priority now became price and feature the highest. We would now just need a mixer that could do the job for a short period . Somewhere on the horizon there is a new bathroom waiting, if it is while we live here is not known . Anyway, it was Silvan who was able to deliver a faucet that just met price + functionality, but they were so not able to deliver that much more. It was too much for the dear service representative when I explained how it was installed . When the original tube from balofixen was extended by a snake, it was too confusing for the employee. ” I need a coupling with external thread ” I explained, then Silvan boy quite upset proclaimed that ” that’s a strange system you have. I’ve never experienced it before.” Without seeming too defeatist and indulgent, I tried to point to one of the many variants that hung on the wall, and it did indeed finally get the his bulb glow a little. Now I had the feeling of being closer to the target than before. And the Silvan employee also seemed as if he had said the right things. Tugging in the kids and other domestic obligations, meant no more progress on the project that day.

Status Day 4 : same same, now just with the proper fittings, and the right faucet .

Friday I was to have the kids on my own, but I would just try to mount the bugger while they were in the bathtub. It all went fine, right up until the cold connection should be installed . The tube on the new faucet was of inscrutable reasons, two inches shorter than the original. So pipe was missing. # % } { % } ^ ^ # ^ { % | $ | | % {

The old faucet I had not dealt with very elegantly, so I could not mount it again. I therefore had to mount the warm support for the new faucet, which was now sitting in the sink. The cold could not connect, so I mounted it on the discarded faucet and put it under the sink. You should just not turn on the old faucet, the it would pour out on the floor.

Status Day 5 : new faucet, but only with hot water.

Saturday morning I took off to Silvan to buy a longer pipe to connect the cold end . With Rosa in the Triobike  we were quickly on the road. There was good tailwind and therefore a fast pace. It was to be too fast, in an S-bend at the café Ae. Here a front wheel suddenly lost contact with the pavement, and I lost control of the bike. I tried to ease the impact with my leg, which was perhaps silly, but maybe the reason why nothing happened to Rosa. Luckily nothing happened to her, she looked a little glum for me when I rocked the bike back on all three wheels. But soon won her good moods again. Now we were almost there, so we hurried into Silvan, bought the hose, and limped back home, very slowly.

ER couldn’t tell me anything, because of the swelling in the knee. Now, hit hard on mobility, lying with wrenches and other tools under a sink was not exactly top of the to-do list.

Status Day 6: all purchases made, now we just wait for mobility. So close to the target now 🙂

Sunday I could half sitting, half lying attach the hose so we could get cold water. Bingo! It worked! And you don’t notice the slight trickle when you are with your leg up high, here on the sofa, in the living room.

Status Day 7 : Alles klar Herr Kommisar , well almost…


The New Blue in Town…


It seems to be the season, where a lot of people switches jobs. At least in my social network LinkedIn states that 14 people have a new position, just this past month. Of course there are always those who head in a new direction every 24 months. And I’ve never really understood how they manage to establish themselves so quickly, but I seem to have a need to settle more in, when I finally decide on something. I held my previous position for 4 yrs, and my current position I have held for about 5½ yrs, until now.

Looking back, over my shoulder

During my years in Rehfeld, I have been engaged in several roles. I started out as a Business Intelligence developer doing custom dashboards for our clients. The customization was almost epic in proportion, in a way where the consultant in the end was no longer needed. Everything could be controlled from the data imported into the database (there were several databases, but only one (1) containing meta data) No, not that kind of meta data! But boy did I get smarter as I got along…
The bold directors then made an organizational change, in where I was to team up with a database developer and a .Net developer. The three of us were to distill the lessons learned in the organization during the last many years and make it into a product: Effektor. We wanted to build a toolbox, to enable the consultant to have the tedious parts of developing a DWH done by a click of a button, and at the same time with a very high level of quality. This across all major projects, so now every consultant would be able babysit others work, without the need of having to read up on how this dude implemented the T2 on that column, and why on Earth that implementation wasn’t the same as on these other two columns…
The consultant was the first job function the product should support. As of the latest version, we now support operations for security administrators, data stewards, data managers, super users and of course regular users.

Can’t Explain

In the last year+, I have been back into the field, as a Business Intelligence consultant, helping several clients on projects involving Data Mining, ETL, Server Upg., Custom Applications. I have been fortunate enough to have Effektor create much of the plumbing on several projects, and it really has made the development process a whole lot faster. As long as the business requirements are not too quirky or far out, the tool actually does most by meta data definition only. Thumbs up to Thomas Meltofte Eriksen (LinkedIn) and Mikael Nygaard (LinkedIn|Twitter) for doing such a smashing job on the tool. I really enjoyed our time on the PRO team.
As I left PRO, I joined Team SPOK (abb. for Stat, Privat og Kommune ~ Government, Private and Municipal). The team focused on clients in those sectors. There are a lot of team members that really do a great job everyday, are open-minded, happy and always willing to help and make everybody become a better developer. Some stand out, as I have worked with them on several assignments or do community work with them. Rasmus Reinholdt Nielsen (LinkedIn|Twitter),) whom I will be presenting at Campus Days with is a great co-worker/team lead whose wisdom and humor I am really going to miss. Luckily we get to meet, hopefully often, in the community. Rolf Veinø Sørensen (LinkedIn) who always has the demo of the newest stuff already done, sometimes even before the news hit your inbox. Finally Brian Bønk Rueløkke (blog|twitter) who would be a fantastic resource on any team. This guy really knows his stuff!
Hopefully I will be able to work with you guys in the future, sometime again. There’s just this something I need to do first…

Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

As some of you may have guessed from the subtitle, and the post i general, I have decided to give it a GO in another company. I have come to an agreement with Mærsk Line IT, to start as a Senior Business Intelligence Developer in August. My primary focus areas will be training and guiding new Business Intelligence developers on the SQL Stack, delivering proof of concepts, establishing a baseline of best practices for Business Intelligence development. Besides that, I will engage in the ongoing projects as a developer and try to maintain or up my engagement in the SQL Server Community.
This position also requires some traveling, since some of the projects are done by a Business Partner in India. Traveling, as a part of a job, is new to me, but I’m very excited to go explore the possibilities that lies within.
I am really looking forward starting in the new position. But first – three (3) weeks of vacation 🙂


Laying low, right leg high

Last Friday I underwent what’s called arthroscopic surgery, in order to have an torn ACL reconstructed. Some six (6) years ago, I took part in a Bachelor party where we had to compete each other in those silly Sumo-outfits depicted here:


See more details here: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Sumo+outfit&go=&qs=ds&form=QBLH&filt=all

I ended up with what was believed to be a twisted knee, and went home to put it on ice and rest it as much possible. I went by the Hospital to have it checked, with same verdict; a twisted knee.
As the years went by, I had more and more incidents where my knee suddenly would give in, and in general be feel very instable. Finally I went and had it checked again, and the doctor had no doubt when he tested the knee. In fact there is a measure to the degree of seriousness, and it’s measured with a so called a Rolimeter. When measured the doctor explained that they were categorising the measure into category 1, 2 and 3. First category would be from 2 to 4 millimeters, category 2 from 4 to 8 millimeters and category 3 from 8 millimeters and above. My anterior laxety was measured at 13 millimeters. As it turned out, the ACL was completely torn, and they removed a third of the meniscus as well.
The first week has come and gone. The biggest worry was the the kids would jump all over me, forgetting about the surgery. The crutches has been a really good at reminding them on what’s going on 😉
Hopefully I will be back on track after another week of healing and mending. Rehabilitation starts on Monday, so let’s hope that gives the right boost needed to get back to work…

I’m almost back to normal schedule. Rehabilitation is now 6 hours during the week, and it gets more and more intensive as we go. Only about 5 more weeks to go. The down side of that, is that the knee still hurts after workout, but I seem to get in better shape (which wouldn’t be all that surprising). I had my first go at the rowing machine in about 20 years, and got 708 meters in 2:35, which, if I look at the “competition”, isn’t that bad at all. (My brother who is newly appointed Chief of Sports at the  Danish Canoe and Kayak Association would disagree for sure)