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Run your cubes in Warp Speed – Really Really Fast!

So, finally Microsoft came up with a new feature for the MOLAP part of Analysis Services. The community has been hungering for updates ever since the new kid Tabular came around. Now it apears that the SQL Server team has … Continue reading

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How to Process Multiple Dimensions via BIDS and SSMS

This is one of those tips I need to write down, before I forget… Sometimes Analysis Services acts up and you need to do a process full on all the dimensions in the database. When that happens I usually turned … Continue reading

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Speaking at #SQLSatCambridge

Do you sometimes drift off, thinking/dreaming crazy scenarios, that you almost instantly know won’t ever become a reality? I had one of those moments, when I spotted, that #SQLSatCambridge and the NFL game at Wembley between The Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota … Continue reading

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Rolling period with shell dimension SSAS

Often I meet the business requirement of listing data for the last X months. In this blog post, I will try to give my shot at, how this is done elegantly and with maximum flexibility. We start of backwards and … Continue reading

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SQLBits X PreCon SSAS Deep Dive Summary – Part 1

As an exercise for myself I will be writing fairly short post on the session I attended at SQLBits X´. I will begin with the training day where I went for the Deep Dive into SSAS. The only bad thing … Continue reading

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