SSMS Quick Tip

If you ever need to test Analysis Services roles, you can easily do so either by browsing the cube or by means of a query. When browsing a cube through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or Bisuness Intelligence Developer Studio (BIDS), you can select one or more roles to be enforced on data, by clicking the little […]

Pct af totalen

Et eksempel på hvordan man kan beregne pct. af totalsalg og pct af salget på niveauet over det aktuelle. WITH MEMBER [Measures].[Pct of total] AS ‘SUM( {[Product].CurrentMember}, [Measures].[Unit Sales]) /SUM( {[Product].DefaultMember}, [Measures].[Unit Sales])’, FORMAT_STRING=’#0.00%’ MEMBER [Measures].[Pct of parent total] AS ‘IIF( [Product].Parent <> NULL, SUM( {[Product].CurrentMember}, [Measures].[Unit Sales]) /SUM( {[Product].Parent.Children}, [Measures].[Unit Sales]), 1)’, FORMAT_STRING=’#0.00%’ SELECT […]