Laying low, right leg high

Last Friday I underwent what’s called arthroscopic surgery, in order to have an torn ACL reconstructed. Some six (6) years ago, I took part in a Bachelor party where we had to compete each other in those silly Sumo-outfits depicted here:


See more details here:

I ended up with what was believed to be a twisted knee, and went home to put it on ice and rest it as much possible. I went by the Hospital to have it checked, with same verdict; a twisted knee.
As the years went by, I had more and more incidents where my knee suddenly would give in, and in general be feel very instable. Finally I went and had it checked again, and the doctor had no doubt when he tested the knee. In fact there is a measure to the degree of seriousness, and it’s measured with a so called a Rolimeter. When measured the doctor explained that they were categorising the measure into category 1, 2 and 3. First category would be from 2 to 4 millimeters, category 2 from 4 to 8 millimeters and category 3 from 8 millimeters and above. My anterior laxety was measured at 13 millimeters. As it turned out, the ACL was completely torn, and they removed a third of the meniscus as well.
The first week has come and gone. The biggest worry was the the kids would jump all over me, forgetting about the surgery. The crutches has been a really good at reminding them on what’s going on 😉
Hopefully I will be back on track after another week of healing and mending. Rehabilitation starts on Monday, so let’s hope that gives the right boost needed to get back to work…

I’m almost back to normal schedule. Rehabilitation is now 6 hours during the week, and it gets more and more intensive as we go. Only about 5 more weeks to go. The down side of that, is that the knee still hurts after workout, but I seem to get in better shape (which wouldn’t be all that surprising). I had my first go at the rowing machine in about 20 years, and got 708 meters in 2:35, which, if I look at the “competition”, isn’t that bad at all. (My brother who is newly appointed Chief of Sports at the  Danish Canoe and Kayak Association would disagree for sure)


Slotskage i lyserød

Der begynder så småt at blive stillet større og større krav til udformning af kager til bestemte begivenheder i den lille familie.
Senest fylder den ældste 4 år på onsdag, hvorfor der den seneste tid er blevet eksperimenteret med tiltag i den retning.
Herunder ses forsøget på et prinsesseslot i skøn forening af smør, sukker, sukker, mel, smør, æg, mel, sukker, smør, æg og appelsin også bedre kendt som mazarinkage med glasur og vafler.

Den endelige kage, med hele baduljen kørt på 🙂