PASS Summit 2015 – Personal Schedule

Only 20 hrs untill my flight is taking off from CPH -> FRA -> SEA – But who’s counting? 🙂
This year is no different from any year at PASS Summit (saying that as a 2nd year veteran). The time to build your schedule, is probably the most frustrating part leading up to the conference. This goes for SQL Bits as well, another well planned SQL Server event.

This year I opted out from the pre-con on various reasons, mainly because I was very disappointed last year, in terms of cost vs. output. Although I must say a couple of them looked really interesting, especially The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization by David Klee, Argenis Fernandez, Jimmy MayOptimize “All Data” with a Modern Data Warehouse Solution by Bradley Ball, Josh Luedeman and not least The Enterprise Scripting Workshop by Sean McCown, Jennifer McCown. But the fact having three kids age Eight, Six and Two makes my trip to Seattle short, this year at least. I had also planned on attending the comeback of Big Ben in Pittsburgh hosting Cincinatti, but hopefully they can manage without me (fingers crossed).

So in short, my sessions on interest will be:




As with any schedule, this is subject to change. I certainly always find myself making “game time” decisions influenced by whom ever I am talking to, in between sessions. Often there is some aspect that others point out, that influence the final call. Sometimes I even “miss” sessions, just to socialize and extend my network – There is always someone interesting to talk to, no matter where you turn at PASS Summit.

Hope to see you there!

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