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PASS 2015

And so it came to be the day, when the Session Election Committee publicly announced this years speaker selection for the PASS Summit 2015 in Seattle, US.

I see a long list of veterans, like Aaron Bertrand, Thomas LeBlanc, Argenis Fernandez, Bill Anton, Bob Ward, Chris Webb, Dejan Sarka, Glenn Berry, Itzik Ben-Gan, the list is endless, almost. I know there are a lot of first time speakers selected this year as well, so a big part of the presenter team will, no doubt, benefit from scrutinizing David Peter Hansen’s (b|t|l) advice:

Actually, regardless of the event, the above recommendations will apply across many tech conventions.

Getting my head around all of the 180 sessions available will take some time. Luckily I don’t have to schedule which sessions I want to attend right away – And usually the process of eliminating the least interesting of all almost equally attractive sessions will go through some iterations. Once I am at two to three sessions per slot, I fix the schedule and let game day decide which of the sessions I will attend. Some game changing factors has to do with company on the day, as I am sometimes swayed into attending sessions that I dismissed. Some with topic, presenter and finally curiosity.
Sure, I could just get the recordings and watch them afterwards – But, I always find myself de-prioritizing this over apparent and urgent stuff at work. I shouldn’t do that, I know…

This year however, could very well be a significantly different experience. I woke up this very morning to the news, that my abstract was accepted into the Lightning Talk track. “My session was accepted for PASS Summit!” was actually uttered before “Good morning” – I was very exited.

My session will be on Custom Assemblies in Analysis Services Multi Dimensional (SSAS MD) – this is a topic that I have worked a lot with, just not lately. There are some scenarios where this approach is very powerful and has no equal on SSAS MD.
I terms of preparation, I will be double working the topic, as I am preparing this as my audition to become a Pluralsight author.

Leading up to the PASS Summit, I will be speaking at both SQLSaturday Cambridge, on Introduction to MDX and Scaling out Analysis Services, as well as our local SQLSaturday Denmark speaking on Introduction to MDX. This fall will be the most busy speaking schedule so far 🙂

Thank you so much #SQLFamily for allowing these opportunities


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