New EU Legislation potentially cripples #SQLServer2016

Today the Microsoft SQL Server Team took a huge blow, due to new EU legislation passed in the EU Commision. The kick-off of all this, is to be found in new features implemented in the not yet released version of SQL Server – Microsoft expects to release later this year.

At the #DataDriven event, on March 10th, Scott Guthrie (b|l|t) announced that SQL Server 2016 has “Everything built in”

This bold statement was apparently too much for an undisclosed competitor, so they filed a complaint with the EU Commision.

The claim to the EU Commision, is that Microsoft SQL Server is simply too hard to compete with – a leading spokesman from the claimant is to be quoted:

We simply cannot keep up with Microsoft anymore. It’s just not fair, that they have all the cool stuff. Plus, Reporting Services now looks like something build in this century.

The formal complaint filed to the EU Commision can be seen here:

On the basis of information received from end-users, SMEs active in the IT (information technology) sector and competitors of Microsoft, the Competition Directorate General of the European Commission has formally requested Microsoft to provide information about the new technical features of SQL Server 2016 in the context of EC competition law. This information should allow the Commission to verify allegations that Microsoft has designed SQL Server 2016 in a way which will dominate the market for Relational Database Systems and related offerings.

reference: here

Furthermore, the claimant has suggested the following restrictions on SQL Server, in order to level the playing field.

And finally the one that will really hamper SQL Server

The final one means that any query fired against SQL Server MUST be returned in less than 21 seconds. If not, the operation will time out and the results also. Outrageous, don’t you think!?


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