#SqlSaturdayDenmark Re-Cap

Finally able to sit down, in quiet peace and write about my experience this weekend. Since Friday morning, the last couple of days have been rather hectic.
It started out with me moderating an excellent session by Margarita Naumova (b|l) on Top 8 Reasons for Your Transaction Performance Problems in the PASS Summit Preview of 24 Hours of PASS. Rest of the day do normal work chores, only to set up the family for the weekend, so I could go with peace at mind.

Friday evening I attended the Speaker Dinner at Copenhagen Street Food, which was quite a unique experience. Although I didn’t find that the food matched the prices, there was a distinct buzz to the place, that I doubt will be found anywhere else (at least not in Copenhagen). The company was brilliant, and that was what mattered. I met a good handful of people I knew from Twitter in advance, so meeting face to face was long overdue.


Just home in time for som hours of sleep, before heading to the venue, early Saturday morning. Having dealt with all of the attendees, we sent them off to the first batches of sessions – enjoying a moment of tranquility. Lesson for next year: Reconsider speed pas.

During the morning hours there was only some minor issues that needed attention, so all in all I had good time to allow for preparation for my own session on MDX. Slides and Code examples are available from the SQLSaturday site. The session went well, at least according to my own sence, but I am hoping the attendees will be evaluating the session, if they attended. Evaluations are really important, in order to grow as a speaker.

After my session, things began to happen quite rapidly. Due to logistic challenges in the house hold, I had to pick up the #sqlbrew at home. I also had to be present, because the guy with the hotdog stand, expected me to be there. Kenneth M. Nielsen (b|l|t) allowed me to use his car, and there I was, for the first time with automatic drive. Maybe this could get ugly, with all the beers and all. Somewhere in my mind I began piecing together, the story for the Cops, if they should find me crashed with 400 bottles of beer… I must say, my left foot treated the brakes as clutch on the way out, to much amusement of pedestrians… But the beer arrived safely. After the full schedule of sessions was over, everyone gathered for the big sponsor raffle – great prices in the pool: Several drones, licenses, books etc.

In the end, I think everyone was happy – the volunteers and organisers had done as smashing job on creating a great event, yet another one. According to leaked info on session feedback, we have quite a high average rating – that is really exiting.

Late Saturday we sent everyone home with hotdogs and our own #sqlbrew




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