Recertified as Azure Administrator Associate!

For the second time this year, I have successfully passed a re-certification test. This time around was the Azure Administrator Associate – AZ-104 certification, which I passed initially about two (2) years go (August 14th – 2020). I am happy and thrilled to be able to add this badge to my collection for the next year.

New Certifications/Re-Certifications this Year

Past, but still active, certifications


Pre Con: Azure Data Integration Bootcamp

🚨 Data Insight Summit – In person Conference in Chicago: 12-14th September 2022 🚨

Find the workshops here: Pre-Conference Full-day Workshops – Data Insight Summit

I will be hosting a pre con in collaboration with RADACAD in Chicago.

In this session we will be diving into most of the major moving parts of an automated enterprise BI solution, as per Microsoft reference architecture (Enterprise business intelligence – Azure Reference Architectures | Microsoft Docs). Azure Active Directory, Blob storage, Azure Monitor, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Analysis Services and Power BI serving as key pillars in building a solid custom framework for automated data ingestion and analysis. Learn how to setup each of these services, how they interact and how to benefit from built in automation in Azure.
Leading by example, we will be tracing data from various sources on its journey through the Azure services, configuring them configure as we go along.


Microsoft Connected Learning Experience program

Excited to be a part of the panel for the Microsoft Connected Learning Experience program! Join us for the program starting April 22nd as we talk about Azure Fundamental exams and give you a personalized and prescriptive learning experience for exam readiness.

Study Smart…Not Hard! and pass MS Azure Fundamental exams.

Register here:

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Speaking at the Intelligent Cloud Conference in Copenhagen

I am super excited to have been selected to speak at the Intelligent Cloud Conference in Copenhagen, May 29th-30th this year.

The full schedule for the event can be viewed here.

My talk will be on Power BI, or to be more precise, a talk on tips and tricks to get you started ingesting data with the Power BI Desktop application. So if you are a veteran SSIS developer, tag along to get your mind blown by the simplicity of Power Query. Or maybe you are a prospect Data Scientist that needs something like Excel on steroids. This will be a session for you.

I will start of by demonstrating how easy it is to import data straight into Power BI from csv or xls(x) files that have a simple structure. Then moving on to scraping data from a web page. Gradually making the tasks more and more complex, as we move on to header/footer issues or what about variable number of columns for multiple files for the same data set? Once we have established the elegance of Power Query in Power BI, I will demonstrate how easy it is to Enterpricylize (yep, made up that word for this situation) your data discoveries by exposing the newly created model in an Azure Analysis Services, with a few clicks in a wizard.

However, if you are not into Power BI or Business Intelligence, the conference has a lot more to offer. It’s a combined Data Platform and Azure conference, meaning there will be an equal number of tracks divided among the two topics, filled with super interesting sessions such as “Failure prediction for manufacturing industry with SQL Server & R”, “Maturing IoT solutions with Microsoft Azure”, “How to make hundreds of servers work for you” and the list could go on and on.

I am really looking forward, not only to speak at this conference, but also listen in on some of the other great sessions that are being presented.

More information here:


Azure Saturday hos Microsoft i Kgs. Lyngby

En lørdag i Kgs. Lyngby, i selskab med 35 talere, der kommer med massiv viden på hver deres område, for kun en plovmand. Det lyder næste for godt til at være sandt – men det er det ikke, og faktisk er det ikke kun om lørdagen der sker ting og sager.

Der vil være fire (4) forskellige workshops, for en merpris, d. 30. og 31. august og selve konferencen er d. 1. og 2. september. Forvirret? Interesseret?
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Her er et lille udsnit af de indlæg der vil være at vælge imellem: