Microsoft Connect Bug Reports

Just posted two bug reports to Microsoft Connect

We don’t take kindly to sensitivity ’round here…
First, I perceive it as a bug, when a foreach loop fails to list variables when a project parameter is set as sensitive. When a project parameter is set as sensitive, I get this error message when setting up the foreach loop:

MsgBox Following is the failure to populate the list of variables:


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Flexibility? MEH!
The other bug is about the file connection manager.
When adding a file connection manager as a project connection manager, I want to be able to se the connection string as an expression in a given package. But none of the project parameters are present when I open the expression builder dialog box. Huh?


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Microsoft Connect Suggestions

Just posted two new suggestions to the Microsoft Connect site.

First of is a suggestion, that when using a sensitive parameter, you get a warning when trying to use it in an expression. On the other hand, if you create the expression first, you don’t get the same warning when changing the sensitivity of the parameter.

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Secondly I miss the ability to reorder the items in the SSIS Toolbox:

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SQL Server Data Tools being really anoying

Before today I have only been fiddling about in with new SQL Server Data Tools Integration Services projects, without any problems what so ever. I’ve seen demos done without any problems what so ever.
And now that I finally get to grind some data with the new tool, it rears its ugly head, for just about every five minutes. I can’t seem to do any, even simple, tasks without Visual Studio hanging/locking up on me. Most of the times I need to kill the process and re-open the project. I do, occasionally, get the kind popup message that Visual Studio is busy. DUH!
VS Busy
It’s not like I’m doing any fancy stuff, at all… Observe CPU load as I do a rename of a sequence container:
CPU Load

Sometimes I’m lucky and just get hit by non critical errors like this one (deleting an ADO destination):

In my previous experience with SSIS, I’ve often been able to go ’round problems like these by deleting the, in this case an Excel Source, component and the add the component again. While trying to do so, I deleted the flow between the Excel Source and the Derived Column task. This simple procedure took several hours, and resulted in this message:

I really hope Microsoft deals with this, and soon… Five breakdowns within the hour is not very productive.
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In fact there was a Cumulative Update 1 at the time of writing, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix intended for this issue. The update was brought to my attention by Bill Fellows (blog|twitter) as I was ranting about it on twitter using the #SSISHELP hashtag.