TSQL2SDAY #101 Invitation: My Essential SQL Server Tools

tsql2sdayThe Why

If you’re not familiar, T-SQL Tuesday is a blogging party hosted by a different person each month. It’s a creation of Adam Machanic (b|l|t), and it’s been going on for ages now! Basically the host selects a topic, defines the rules (those are almost always the same), and then everyone else blogs about said topic. Once the deadline is reached, the host summarizes each of the submitted posts on their site/blog.

T-SQL Tuesday #101

This is the second time I host a T-SQL Tuesday, and hopefully not the last

The What

This month I get to pick the topic, and I am going to go with:

The Essential SQL Server Tools in my stack

Besides SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio Data Tools we all have our own set of tools that we use for everyday chores and tasks. But how do we get to know which tools are out there, if not for other professionals telling us about them? Does it have to a fully fledged with certification and all? Certainly not! If there’s some github project out there, that is helping you be double as productive, let us know about it. You can even boast about something you’ve built yourself – if you think others will benefit from using it.

Basically I think, that by establishing awareness about what kinds of tools that are out there, new professionals will not have as steep a curve getting the pace up, as they would have had. But I suspect that even some veteran guys could have an “a-ha” moment from reading the summary.

Additionally, you can (read: should) share how you came to depend on said tool – and of course you are encouraged to give credit, where credit is due in terms of making you aware of the tool.

Another approach for this topic, is to approach it as kind of A Day in the Life of kind of blog post, as has been done before by Erin Stellato (b|l|t). Writing with the specific angle to describing how your everyday is made easier by the use of your tool stack.

The How

There’s only a few rules for T-SQL Tuesday:

  • Your post must be published on Tuesday April 10th 2018 between 00:00 GMT  and 23:59 GMT.
  • Your post must contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo (see above) at the top and the image must link back to this blog post.
  • Trackbacks should work, but if they don’t, please put a link to your post in the comments section so I (and everyone else) can see your contribution!
  • Tweet about your post using the #tsql2sday hashtag
  • Include “T-SQL Tuesday #101” in your blog post’s title.
  • Optionally add @vestergaardj to your tweet, to make it harder for me to miss 😉

If you want to host a topic of your own:

  • Contact Adam Machanic (b|l|t) and tell him you’d like to host a T-SQL Tuesday from your blog.


31 thoughts on “TSQL2SDAY #101 Invitation: My Essential SQL Server Tools

  1. Martin Surasky Reply

    Sounds great… is there a way to subscribe to the comments on this post so I get email notifications when people add their blog posts?

    • Jens Vestergaard Post authorReply

      Hi Martin

      About a week after the deadline (this Tuesday) there will be a write-up listing all the contributions. Will that work for you?


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