SqlSaturday Cambridge, #SqlSat411, re-cap

Early Friday morning, I left Copenhagen for my second SQL Saturday in Cambridge. Two years ago I had a blast at same event, as documented here. My expectations were high, but I was completely blown away by the work and preparation that had gone into the event. I apologize in advance to those who are attending the SQL Saturday in Copenhagen next weekend, we cannot provide the same level of experience I am afraid. A huge effort was made by the team, so hat tip to them!

After arriving at the DoubleTree, down town Cambridge I hooked up with Johan L. Brattås (b|l|t) and Boris Hristov (b|l|t) to walk the streets and see the impressive sights (mostly colleges). Spending the afternoon in good company was topped of with the most amazing dinner settings at the Gonville & Caius College, where a team of servants had a dinner lined up, with millimeter precision.

Up early on Saturday  morning, to get to the venue, I even had to wait for the hotel to have breakfast ready – I knew I had to have something to eat, because normally the lunch bags at these events are…erhh…scanty, to last for a whole day at least. Speaking of the venue, I also need to mention that it was absolutely fabulous for events such as this – kudos to the team for snagging this. On another note, it was not until I saw the picture on the wall, that I made the connection – it has Maersk written all over it 🙂

I didn’t get to see much of the other sessions, as I was preparing for my own. Introduction to MDX was executed way better than Scaling out Analysis Services, but I guess you learn as you go – apologies to the two (2) attendees for the latter one – I hope you enjoyed the ten minute early break 😉

After the almost unbearable exitement at the raffle – volunteers, organisers and speakers went punting, as depicted below:

If ever in Cambridge, you should definately do this – get a guided tour, as they know all kinds of odd stories that add to the image of Cambridge. Cambridge, where I certainly hope I have not set foot for the last time. Well done Mark and Team.


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