SQLBits X – My almost final agenda

As the agenda for SQL Bits X was released, I had my take on what sessions I wanted to attend.
Now, two full days ahead, I’ve managed to almost pin down all the sessions I am going to immerse into.

Thursday: “Deep dive into Analysis Services” session by Akshai Mirchandani (LinkedIn)
Friday: Keynote, CDC by Allan Mitchell (blog|twitter), “SSIS in SQL Server 2012, Part 1: Developer Enhancements” by Matt Masson (blog|twitter), SSAS Load testing by Bob Duffy (blog) and finally SSAS Security by Chris Webb (blog|twitter)
Saturday: SSIS Dev Part 2., Keynote, then of to either Alex Whittles (blog|twitter) Loading dimensions in DW OR Extended Events by Bob Beauchemin , Performance investigations by Akshai Mirchandani (LinkedIn), Declarative Database Development by Gert Drapers and finally Deep dive into DW in SQL Server 2012 by Dejan Sarka (blog)

It has been really hard to decide what sessions to attend, and I might even change my mind on a few of them… So much knowledge to gain (must get the recordings if any are released).

I have been going over the agenda several times in these past two months and I must say that the SQLBits guys have done one *biiip* of a fine job putting this schedule together.


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  1. Fabiana Reply

    Thanks so much for this very informative. I know unndrstaed a little more about BISM and the two models in Denali. Now i need to install two instances of SSAS to get both models to play with! Doodles

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