Server and column collation conflicts in properties of a login


Error: Cannot resolve the collation conflict between “Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS” and “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” in the UNION operation. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 468) when clicking “Securables” in properties of a server login.


Server is set up with collation: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
The database, or more precisely, the columns are created with collation: Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS
Login is set up with default language: English

The following steps will reproduce the error:

1. See properties for the server-login:

2. Click “User Mapping”

3. Click “Securables”

4. Observe error:

Cannot resolve the collation conflict between “Danish_Norwegian_CI_AS” and “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” in the UNION operation. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 468)


Can anyone say anything intelligent about this issue?

Parameter ordering in SSRS – Gotcha!

After banging my head against the screen for about three or four hours, trying to solve what seemed as a Reporting Services mystery, a coworker of mine came up with the solution. I was trying to inject a role into an embedded data source in a report, while loading data for several parameters, in order to utilize FORMS authentication on the website while respecting the Windows Authentication needed for Analysis Services.
I had one report going, 11 more to go, and then I got stuck on a data source string yada yada error. In Report Manager it looks like this:
The reason for this error, as it turns out, is that it would appear as if Reporting Services parses parameters one by one. In that way the first parameter in the list gets loaded by accessing the data source, and fails miserably if a parameter is used in the data source, that is not yet loaded/parsed/whatever…
Although Microsoft say they have several connect issue regarding this rather unfortunate issue, I can only find one: MS Connect

Memory leak in mdsonar.cpp?

One can only guess, but it seems as if there was a memory leak in some method in the mdsonar.cpp file used by Analysis Services.
As I was trying to create a cache for a cube, to speed up querying, I ran into the error message listed below:

When I binged the filename mdsonar.cpp, I ony got two (2) hits. Normally this would freak me out a little, but the two links were actually the ones I was looking for, sort of. At least they lead to a plausible solution, unfortunately not an explanation. The solution is to apply the latest Service Pack/Cumulative Update, as listed in KB2660492, for the SQL Server 2008 (not R2) installation I was working on. Regrettably I am not in a position to verify this KB will actually solve this problem, as I am on a tight schedule and out of time. This is really one of those situations where the client would benefit from a little extra effort.

In short I was trying to create a cache of a fairly large set, comprised of several attributes from a couple of dimensions. One dimension has about 850K members and the other has about 45K member. It would seem this was too big a mouthfull, before Service Pack 3 on SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.