Pct af total

Dette MDX eksempel viser hvordan man kan beregne den aktuelle pct af total salget, og pct af total salget for niveauet over det aktuelle.

Den absolutte værdi

Her er et eksempel på hvordan man beregner den absolutte værdi af et givent Measure. Code Block WITH  MEMBER [Measures].[Neg Profit] AS ‘-1 * [Measures].[Profit]’  MEMBER [Measures].[Abs Profit] AS ‘ABS([Measures].[Neg Profit])’ SELECT  {[Measures].[Neg Profit], [Measures].[Abs Profit]} ON COLUMNS,  NON EMPTY DESCENDANTS( [Customers] ) ON ROWS FROM [Sales]  

Distinct count on several dimension members

Here is an example on how you can select the distinct count on a combination of product categories. The example is written for FoodMart 2000