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Is to stop reading blog posts with a Titel like this, and get back to work…

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Hush hush about the #sqlsat380 event…

Spoiler Alert: If you know my wife – hush hush, please let me go through with the surprise :)

New York

I was very thrilled, highly excited and a little surprised to receive the note, that my abstract on Analysis Services Security was accepted for the SQL Saturday #380 in New York City, US. The number of submission were through the roof, so I am very grateful for the extra ordinary opportunity.

I know for a fact, that my wife is not going to see this post, so I can safely shout it out in this blog post. At home however, I am bound to keep my joy tamed, as I am planning to surprise my wife, with a couple of kids-free days in The Big Apple. Currently she has accepted an invitation to a bachelors party on the same Saturday, but I guess she’s going to miss out on that :) But in case you read this and have a connection to my wife, please do keep my little secret safe.

If you haven’t already heard about the concept of SQL Saturday, I suggest you rush of to and dive into the numerous opportunities to attend free Microsoft SQL Server training sessions. There is bound to be  some event close to you, in near future. Surely it’s going to be a smashing event in New York end of May.

SQL Saturday #380

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TSQL Tuesday #63 – How do you manage security


TSQL Tuesday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (blog | twitter) and the topic is security.

Security is one of those subjects that most DBAs have to deal with regardless of specialty. So as something we all have to work with at some point or another what are some tips you’d like to share? What’s the best security design? You’ve picked up a legacy system and the security is awful, how do you fix it? Any great tools out there you’d like to share? Hate it or love it I’m betting we all have something to say.

As others in the community contribute in their own way, in their field of expertise, I’d like to chip in with some of my own observations and lessons learned through my years of working with Analysis Services (SSAS). Here goes my first #TSQL2SDAY blog post.

Having worked with the security model in SSAS and having presented on the topic a couple of times, this topic is really something I have had my hands on. I have previously posted several blog posts on the topic and this blog post will introduce a Microsoft Security Management Tool named Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) which is a  Tool that enables self-service identity management for business users. Yeah, you heard that right. So how does that fit in with cubes and SSAS?

In every SSAS database there is a Collection of roles. Each role can be assigned specific permissions in terms of cube access (r/w), drill-through, dimension and cell access. The magic link between the SSAS roles and FIM are Active Directory (AD) Groups. Each role can have one-to-many members, which can be specific (local) Users or Security Groups. Through FIM this allows the users provisioning and de-provisioning access through an semi-automated approach.

Personally, I haven’t even scratched the surface of FIM, but for the purpose of letting the business decide who gets access to what, and who doesn’t, it was well worth raising this flag. In the end, the business is happy to feel in control, and you are happy that the business is locked down to what options you expose through the cube. In the end, the mechanism of creating and managing the roles within the cubes, still reside on developer/administrative side, e.g. IT (and not Business).

If you don’t already know about Forefront Identity Manager I urge you to take a look at the capabilities. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :)


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Packtpub is having a sale…

fivedollar_packtpub PacktPub is having a eBook Bonanza, as they call it themselves.
For under $5 you can get a lot of very interesting eBooks. But be quick about it, offer expires on January 6th 2015.

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Campus Days 2014

Last Tuesday Campus Days was kicked off, but unfortunately I was not able to attend any sessions on Tuesday due to our youngest one teething (parents will understand). Wednesday I had my own session, right after Regis (b|l|t) and Kenneth (b|l|t) two slot session on HDInsight, Azure and Machine Learning. It’s always fun to be presenting in a movie Theater, as the screen simply doesn’t get much bigger – see Big Screen Selfie :)


Grumpy BI Dude

At my session on Power BI Visualization Wednesday there was a fairly good attendance – somewhere around 45 people turned up, and once we got started the questions began to trickled in. I guess a lot of the IT people at this diverse conference are currently thinking about Power BI, unfortunately not doing so much Power BI. It was rather clear that this audience wasn’t the usual BI gang that already knew most of the stuff, and I think I did accommodate for that in my presentation. The final score of 5.63 I am very happy with since it’s an improvement over last year. Next year will be even better, yeah? At least there is room for improvement

Thursday I attended two sessions, one on Microsoft Release Manager by Philip Haugaard MSFT, an old classmate of mine, and one on making the Business ready for mobile with Windows 8.1. The latter due to some requirements that has come up at Work, and I had hoped to get some answers in that session. One bonus info from the last session was about Project Sienna – a prototyping Tool by Microsoft I didn’t know about. Check it out here:

Campus Days Entrance

Campus Days Entrance

Socially the event was OK, but not great. Wednesday two movies were shown, Dumb & Dumber 2 and Codebreaker. I should have selected Codebreaker I guess. D&D2 was funny in some parts, but the story is really thin (thinner than expected). After the movies, the hall was converted into American 20’ies. Whiskey bar and several food stations, burger, crab cake, rib-eye and apple pie was served along with beers. A lot of buzz was going on, and I think the attendees were having a great time.

I really like the Campus Days event, mainly because of the diversity of the people attending. The sessions are just as diverse, and you can really tweak your learning by attending some sessions outside your own comfort zone – as a presenter you benefit as well, as you get to see IT-Pros outside your segment perform their sessions, that can be a good learning experience as well.

Hopefully Campus Days will be back next year, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to submit sessions and present again at this event.

Thanks for all the Fish!

Thanks for all the Fish!

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