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Invitation to #TSQL2SDAY #77 – Favorite SQL Server Feature

tsql2sdayThe Why

If you’re not familiar, T-SQL Tuesday is a blogging party hosted by a different person each month. It’s a creation of Adam Machanic (b|l|t), and it’s been going on for ages now! Basically the host selects a topic, defines the rules (those are almost always the same), and then everyone else blogs about it. Once the deadline is reached, the host summarize each of the submitted posts on their site/blog.

The What

This month I get to pick the topic, and I am going to go with:

My favorite SQL Server Feature

This can be anything from Reporting Services as a report creating tool, down to the Columnstore Indexes. Anything goes!
I selected this topic precisely to illustrate the breadth and depth of what SQL Server has evolved into over the last decade+. Starting out as a RDBMS (w/ DTS), adding Analysis Services, then Reporting Services, following a myriad of auxiliary services and tools. So please, share your story about a specific SQL Server feature close to your heart. So please, share precisely what you think makes SQL Server such an awesome tool.

The How

There’s only a few rules for T-SQL Tuesday:

  • Your post must be published between 00:00 GMT Tuesday April 12th 2016 and 00:00 GMT Wednesday April 13th 2016.
  • Your post must contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo (see above) at the top and the image must link back to this blog post.
  • Trackbacks should work, but if they don’t, please put a link to your post in the comments section so I (and everyone else) can see your contribution!
  • Tweet about your post using the #tsql2sday hashtag

There’s also a few optional you can do that might help:

  • Include “T-SQL Tuesday #77” in your blog post’s title.
  • Contact Adam Machanic (b|l|t) and tell him you’d like to host a T-SQL Tuesday from your blog
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New EU Legislation potentially cripples #SQLServer2016

Today the Microsoft SQL Server Team took a huge blow, due to new EU legislation passed in the EU Commision. The kick-off of all this, is to be found in new features implemented in the not yet released version of SQL Server – Microsoft expects to release later this year.

At the #DataDriven event, on March 10th, Scott Guthrie (b|l|t) announced that SQL Server 2016 has “Everything built in”

This bold statement was apparently too much for an undisclosed competitor, so they filed a complaint with the EU Commision.

The claim to the EU Commision, is that Microsoft SQL Server is simply too hard to compete with – a leading spokesman from the claimant is to be quoted:

We simply cannot keep up with Microsoft anymore. It’s just not fair, that they have all the cool stuff. Plus, Reporting Services now looks like something build in this century.

The formal complaint filed to the EU Commision can be seen here:

On the basis of information received from end-users, SMEs active in the IT (information technology) sector and competitors of Microsoft, the Competition Directorate General of the European Commission has formally requested Microsoft to provide information about the new technical features of SQL Server 2016 in the context of EC competition law. This information should allow the Commission to verify allegations that Microsoft has designed SQL Server 2016 in a way which will dominate the market for Relational Database Systems and related offerings.

reference: here

Furthermore, the claimant has suggested the following restrictions on SQL Server, in order to level the playing field.

And finally the one that will really hamper SQL Server

The final one means that any query fired against SQL Server MUST be returned in less than 21 seconds. If not, the operation will time out and the results also. Outrageous, don’t you think!?

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SSAS Compare by Red-Gate

This is my fifth post in a series of entry-level posts, as suggested by Tim Ford (b|l|t) in this challenge.
I have not set any scope for the topics of my, at least, twelve (12) posts in this blog category of mine, but I can assure, it’ll be focused on SQL Server stuff. This time, I want to share a really nice tool, which is totally free!

Som years back Red-Gate put out a free tool to compare SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Databases. The tool is no longer updated, but still has some very useful features.

The Tool

The official download is available on this page at the Red-Gate site.

Quick Tour

With SSAS Compare, you can select SSAS databases to compare differences between cubes, dimensions, measures and other objects. You can select to compare XMLA, Project File or a live Database.

Running the application will automatically display the pop up New Comparison – if not, click the button New Comparison – Top Left Corner.

SSAS Compare New Comparison

Example – Compare Database to Database:

SSAS Compare Database to DatabaseExample – Compare Project File to Database

SSAS Compare File to Database

Example – Compare Project File to Project File

SSAS Compare File to File

Running the comparison will result in an update in the initial application – the pop up will close, and below you can see an example of a comparison of a Project File with a Live Database.

SSAS Compare File to Database OutputI have highlighted a Dimension, which the tool is displaying in bold to indicate a difference. As we can see, clearly the Attributes Comparison Weeks Order, Comparison Months Order, Weeks Order and Months Order are missing in the Live cube.

By clicking Deploy and checking the Include Processing, you can then merge the changes from source to destination – that being Project File, XMLA or Live Database.

The Downside

Obviously the biggest downside is that Red-Gate no longer updates the tool. This also means that some of the short comings will never be available, like you cannot use the application to generate a new Live Database from an existing one. The initial deploy needs to be done outside the tool. Likewise you cannot grab a Live Database and convert it to a new Project File or XMLA. For the latter, see my blog post on how to do that using PowerShell.

Being aware of the limited functionality the tool is still very useful in many scenarios – it’s part of my tool-pack for SSAS.

The complete documentation can be found here.

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Danish SQL Server 2016 Launch Event – SQLNexus

You may already know about the biggest SQL Server event this year in Denmark – If you don’t, there are a couple of things worth knowing that makes it even more attractive.

SQL Server 2016 Data Driven

First of all, it could be “free” as there is an option to pay for attendance via Premier Support Agreement, please see site for more details.

SQLNexus Rates

Secondly, there will be a massive offering of top-notch sessions in the categories BI, DBA, Dev, AA/IoT and Cloud. See the full agenda. All of these sessions will be delivered by a combination of local- and world-renowned speakers as well as Microsoft Employees from various product teams.

To help you have a better experience at the event, a motley crew of SQL Server enthusiasts will be running a Community Zone during the event. There will be quizzes, meet the speakers and other sorts of engaging activities during the conference.

If you are traveling you should be keen to visit the Facebook site that, among other things, facilitates:

  • SQLCoutch: Stay at a Friend, rather than at a Hotel. If you have a couch to share, please come forward.
  • SQLRide: Are you driving from afar? Why not share the ride with #SQLFamily?

Hope to see you there!

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