Speaking at #SQLSatCambridge

Do you sometimes drift off, thinking/dreaming crazy scenarios, that you almost instantly know won’t ever become a reality?
I had one of those moments, when I spotted, that #SQLSatCambridge and the NFL game at Wembley between The Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings were scheduled only a day apart. Oh how I wished to be in England that particular weekend. I had a pretty strong feeling, that the wife back home wouldn’t be too happy to ship me of, on grounds of just the NFL game. She has every right to, on the account of our third child arrived in July. So I dared to submit two abstracts, one on Custom Assemblies which I presented at #SQLSatDenmark and one on Cube Security, which I have been working with intensively for the last couple of years. In my childish bliss, I drifted of on the thought of me being in Cambridge on Saturday, and at Wembley on Sunday. Double blast!

Imagine my reaction, when I recieved a mail from the Mark Broadbent (blog|twitter), stating that my abstract on cube security had been elected. The mail got in around midnight, and I had to re-read it several times, just to check I wasn’t making it up. 12 hours later, I replied and confirmed my availability to the event. Time to go Work the misses.

As my wife instantly recognized, how proud I was, to have been elected to speak at #SqlSatCambridge, she saw no reason to why I couldn’t stay an extra day and watch the game. She has been shaking her head for the last several years, when the NFL season begins and I claim the TV-set. She knows I’m a huge fan of football, as well as SQLServer 😉
Note to self: Go Large on wife’s Christmas gift

So sometimes the most outrageous, mind bending, far fetched ideas can become a reality. One of mine will, the last weekend in September this year.


Speaking at Campus Days Denmark 2013

Three days, more than 100 sessions, on 10 different tracks, Campus Days Denmark has become quite the act in town. I submitted three session abstracts. I was lucky and very delighted, that one of those got chosen. I will be presenting, in cooperation with my colleague Rasmus Reinholdt Nielsen (LinkedIn|Twitter), on the topic Optimizing BI with SQL Server 2014 in-memory database.

We will be showing how to optimize you BI solution through the use of the new SQL Server 2014 In-Memory database technology, called Hekaton. The first of two scenarios, will demonstrate how to performance optimize your ETL by using Hekaton as reference database. The second demo, will be building a ROLAP cube on top of Hekaton, to see what benefits can be achieved here.
See you there?