SQL2012 Certification – Personal goal for 2012

There is a lot of talk around the block about the now not so new certification plan from Microsoft, in regards to SQL2012. The new tracks MCSA, MCSE and MCSM looks real nice in their flashy gift wrappings 🙂

I will, like many others, take the full monty, so to speak. Maybe its just a trick of the mind, but when you keep upgrading certifications, you get the feeling you’re not quite tested in all the corners of the material. Another thing about it is, that the new path includes a track of DBA stuff, not previously encountered on the MCITP:BI program. So my plan for the rest of the year, is to take a new certification at least every two months, which means that by the end of this year, I should be able to achieve the SQL2012 MCSA level. See diagram for clarification of levels:

As I earlier blogged about here, I have been attending the beta exams for 70-461, 70-466 & 70-467. Best case scenario would obviously be that I just need to take the two remaining certifications 70-462 & 70-463, but I doubt my skills in the tabular model will prove adequate for the level required, but at least I now know the scope of the exams.

Other excellent resources for the SQL Server 2012 certifications:
James Serra (blog|twitter): Upgrade info
Alex Rosa (blog|fb): Certification path

Looks like I passed alle three betas and I’m off to a great start

Today I passed the 70-463 certification, so now I need to face the toughest of them all IMO

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