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The full agenda for SQLBits X is now published (link), and it looks like it’s going to take some tough choices to find out which sessions I’m going to attend. I know my coworker Rasmus Reinholdt (LinkedIn) is going to attend the “Putting tabular models into production” session by Cathy Dumas (blog) where I will see the “Deep dive into Analysis Services” session by Akshai Mirchandani (LinkedIn), but where to go Friday and Saturday?

Query Tuning by Adam Machanic (blog|twitter), Big Data by Thomas Kejser (blog) and CDC by Allan Mitchell (blog|twitter) sessions fight for the kickoff, then of to the hands down winning session “SSIS in SQL Server 2012, Part 1: Developer Enhancements” by Matt Masson (blog|twitter) and if its half as good as it sounds to be, I’ll take the 2nd session as well. After lunch some nasty cuts have to made once again; either T-SQL candy by Mladen Prajdić (blog|twitter) or SSAS Load testing by Bob Duffy (blog). I’m leaning towards the latter.
The last session on Friday will be the hardest to pick; SSIS Catalog by Jamie Thomson (blog|twitter), SSAS Security by Chris Webb (blog|twitter) or SSIS Unit Testing by John Welch (blog|twitter)

Saturday morning starts off with either Hierarchies by Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen (blog) or SSIS Dev Part 2. Then of to either Alex Whittles (blog|twitter) Loading data in DW, T-SQL Perfomance Tips by Milos Radivojevic (blog) or Query Tuning by Adam Machanic. After that Im probably of to Performance investigations by Akshai Mirchandani, followed by windowing functions by Fabiano Neves Amorim (blog|twitter) and finally Deep dive into DW in SQL Server 2012 by Dejan Sarka (blog)

I know the venue is not until late March, but still, so many options, so many good sessions…

And if you we’re wondering about the title, have a look at this:

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