Extracting SSAS Tabular Models w/ PowerShell

As a response to a comment on a previous blog post on how to extract SSAS Multidimensional [MD] databases with PowerShell, I decided to write a new blog post, to address the tabular version [Tab].

The main differences working with MD and Tab, programatically, is that MD is represented by XML for Analysis and Tab is using JSON. In management studio this makes no difference however, as you paste XMLA and JSON using the same query type; XMLA (I wonder when/if that will change?)

Obviously, the two technologies MD and Tab are vastly different in almost every other aspect as well, but for the scope of this exercise, we will keep it at that.

Just as in the previous example, we will be using the ability to load assemblies in PowerShell and leverage the functionality the product team has provided. With Analysis Services comes a library of objects to programatically access and manage an Analysis Services instance.

The namespace for MD:

The namespace for Tab:

In this documentation, you can dig into the details of options available. All of this extensible from both C# and PowerShell.

Now, back to the problem at hand. We wanted to extract the models from one or more servers, to deploy to another (single) server them or even just persist them locally. To do this, we need to load the Tab version of the assembly, which is that first difference to the original script. Next we need to leverage different functionality within the assembly, to export the json.

The script in all it’s simplicity 🙂

#Load the Tabular version of the assembly
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular") >$NULL

#Add a comma seperated list of servers here
$SourceServers = @( "<SOURCE SERVERS HERE>" ); #Source
#Add a single server here
$TargetServer = "<TARGET SERVER HERE>"; #Target


#Uncomment to deploy to target server

#Loop servers
ForEach( $srv in $SourceServers ) {
    #Connect to current server
    $server = New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server

    #Loop al databases on current server
    ForEach(  $database in $server.Databases ) {

        #Generate Create Script - Other options are available, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/microsoft.analysisservices.tabular.jsonscripter?view=analysisservices-dotnet
        $json = [Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.JsonScripter]::ScriptCreate($database, $false)

        #Create Path
        $Path = "<INSERT DUMP LOCATION AND FILE NAME>" + ".json";        

        #Export the model to file
        $json | out-file -filepath $Path 
        #Uncomment to deploy to target server

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