Intelligent Cloud Conference 2019

This year the schedule for the Intelligent Cloud Conference is at a level of it’s own. The committee behind the conference has managed to bring in Azure and Data Superstars from all over the globe. So if you are new to the business I will try to round up some of the biggest topics that will be covered at the conference. If you are veteran, you will know the impact with just a quick glance at the schedule.

Regardless if you are in business with a Modern Data Warehouse approach, is doing Big Data Analytics or maybe just curious to know what the cloud has to offer in your area of interest, this conference will be the one you’d want to attend.

There will be three (3) Data Platform pre-cons, on 8th of April, that will be of interest to you, especially if you are doing Power BI, Data Warehousing or Advanced Analytics.

Modern Data Warehouse: Simon Whiteley, Monday (09:00-17:00)

The number of data & analytics components available in Azure has exploded over the past couple of years – understanding which components should be in your tool-belt and what part each plays can be a daunting task, especially given the speed technology is advancing at. However, if you want to meet the challenges of the growing data landscape, you have to adopt distributed cloud architectures!

Advanced Analytics and AI: Leila Etaati, Monday (09:00-17:00)

This training is designed for data science, data analysis and who want to do machine learning by writing R or Python code. A unique opportunity to learn from Lelia Etaati.

Definitive Power BI Architecture: Reza Rad, Monday (09:00-17:00)

This workshop is designed for data architect or administrator, who is designing the architecture of leveraging Power BI in a solution. Someone who wants to understand how all components of Power BI are sitting beside each other to build the whole solution. This training is designed for understanding the strategy of using Power BI rather than the development of it.

If you are into Azure stuff, we’ve got you covered as well, have a look here at the complete pre-con offer.

The Key Note will be hosted by none other than Rohan Kumar, CVP of Azure Data and this is really something to look forward to as well. I’m not sure I need to tell you this is rather big, but in case you’re in doubt, check out some of the preparations going into it:

LinkedIn does not allow for links :/

After this brilliant start we have two days of awesomeness lined up for you, regardless if you are into Azure or Data Platform. I know from the planning sessions, that the Azure geeks (MVP #1, #2, #3 and #4 – Hope I left no one out) were snickering a lot, like 4th graders, going over the submissions. All should be well with the Azure tracks. 👍

Looking at the Data Platform sessions I really have to pinch myself. I am truly proud of the job done by Just and Claus. Because I cannot recall a more power packed program at a Nordic conference, ever.

We have incredible Data Platform names like

Matthew Roche – Expect the unexpected
James Serra – Get ready for vast knowledge
David Peter Hansen – Insights from the trenches
Marco Russo – Learn from the Master
Simon Whiteley – Drinking from the fire hose
Christian Wade – “Clicky Clicky, Draggy Droppy” – enough said
and the list goes on and on…

We are covering sessions on

Azure SQL Database
Containers (and SQL Server)
Power BI
Azure Analysis Services
Azure IoT
Azure Data Factory (v2)
Stream Analytics
R, AI & Cognitive Services & ML
Cosmos DB

If this was a party, it’s the one party you don’t want to miss…
Sign up here, now – thank me later 😉

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