Competing for a free seat on Internals and Performance class by SQLSkills

I’ve been following Paul Randals blog for quite some time now, and it never ceases to amaze me the ideas and information he puts out there. Reading the latest blog post, where is offering a free seat on one of their master classes (, was a new kind of amazement. The opportunity to actually be taught by a super skilled MVP like Paul Randal, is a jaw dropping thought. In Denmark we have a saying that, in Forrest Gump terms, would mean something like: “Life is a huge box of chocolate, with almost no chocolates in it”. Every time someone remotely interesting visits Denmark, the classes are booked almost before they have even been announced. So, good tutoring is really hard to come by around here, SQLSkills kind of tutoring even harder. This fact makes this opportunity even greater than it already is. In other words, this class would classify as a chocolate.
So, why am I to be selected as the winner of this particular competition? To start with the obvious and least important, the change of climate would be more than welcome. A jump from ~35F to ~50F ought to get put a smile on most faces.
To state the more professional aspects, I’d have to mention the impact on my daily routines this class would have, as the first thing. I’ve been waiting a long time for the right class to come my way, but going abroad has not been an option, because of the added costs for flight and accommodation stay. The total cost would be much lower, with the class being free.
Another aspect would be the opportunity for me to improve on the subjects that are taught in class. This would mean a giant skills boost for me. And as I share these areas of responsibility with my co-workers, I haven’t been able to develop or train, so the impact on my day to day work would be huge.
So if I, a professional developer from Denmark, were to be offered a free seat on a class like this, I’d be booking the flight the same minute my arms came down ( and that could take a while )

Did I mention that I once played the guitar in a band called Stoned Sheep 🙂

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” – Abraham Lincoln

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