Last Time I Had a Whale of a Time!

… and now it seems I am going back 🙂
Credits: Sarah Goodreau

Today I got note from the team behind SQL Saturday Dublin, that my session on Azure IoT, Raspberry PI and Windows 10 Core has been selected. This is really both an honor and a privilege. I am truly humbled by the selection and have immediately begun spinning the presentation to fit the grand scene of the Trinity College in Dublin.

The session will begin, with a high level introduction to Azure IoT, Windows 10 Core and Raspberry PI. Once we have established the basics about the technology, we will be connecting the dots with a live demo on some of the parts. The focus during the demo, will mainly be on Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Windows 10 Core and the Raspberry PI and how to DIY. As visualization we will be using Power BI to present the data.
This session is not for the Enterprise rather has a more DIY approach and I am thinking of getting a steam engine mixed in the setup – to honor Charles Algernon Parsons – the inventor of the compound steam turbine and Trinity College Dublin alumni. How to get it across the pond? Hmm…

Even if the surroundings and the sheer awe of the place doesn’t entice you to attend, the lineup will make you think twice about not going. I could be name bashing you all day long, but suffice to say the schedule is packed with world-class speakers – see for yourself, here.

My thanks go out to the team behind SqlSaturday in Dublin, for allowing me to be a part of this, without a doubt, awesome event!

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