Speaking at #SqlNexus – May 2017

I received notice last night, that the program committee has selected my abstract for the SqlNexus event coming up in May.
The event itself is the biggest SQL related event in Denmark (maybe in the Nordics) and was visited by over 500 attendees last year. There was a ton of great sessions, pre-cons and community happenings (Kahoot, Beer etc.). So if you are anywhere around Copenhagen in May and into SQL Server, you should definitely attend – register here.

My session will be about DevOps for BI. In more detail this session will cover the main three (3) tools of the MS BI stack; SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. Each of these tools produce an output/artifact for deployment, and the main goal is to make this available to the end-user with as little hustle as possible. For each of the three, there is a separate approach, which we will go over in detail in this session; How to build and deploy each of the components and how to automate this, all with Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio Online, Team Foundation Server, PowerShell to name a few.

A part of the session will cover the not so technical part of the transition, that the organization needs to address, in order to support what is quickly becoming the new black.

Here is the session abstract:

If you are releasing database changes, new reports, cubes or SSIS packages on a regular basis, you’ve probably offered up your share of blood, toil, tears and sweat on getting them delivered into production in working condition.

DevOps is a way to bridge the gap between developers and IT professionals and for that we need to address the tool-chain to support the practices. Microsoft offers a set of tools that’ll help you on your journey towards the end goal: Maximize predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability of operational processes.

We will in detail be looking at:

Agile Development Frame of Mind

  • Visual Studio Online (tool)
  • Feature/PBI/WI (concept)

Team Foundation Server

  • Code Branching (concept)
  • Build Agents (tool)


  • Microsoft’s Glue (tool)


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