Looking back at my 2016 Community Engagement

2016 was one of my most productive years in terms of blogging (34 posts), public speaking at several SqlSaturdays as well as UG’s (meeting some great people out there), community engagement and session selection committee for SqlSaturday, SqlNexus and Pass Summit. I certainly hope to improve my efforts and engagement in 2017, but I am also well aware, that this might just well be the maximum of what I can squeeze in, having a family w/ three wonderful kids to look after as well for the time being. They do take a lot after me, so I also hope to introduce some of them as co-programmers on select projects the next year.

A few years back…

Here is the list of my blog posts from the year 2016, where I also managed to complete this challenge that Tim Ford (b|l|t) put out in January 2016 as well as participate in a couple of tsql2sdays (and host one too).

Q4 (10 posts)

T-SQL Tuesday #85- SSAS(MD) Backup Galore
SqlSaturday Prague Round-Up
How to fire up Azure Analysis Services
Which Database Servers are hit from my Analysis Services Instance(s)
How to back up your VM’s in Azure on a schedule
Testing your SSAS partitioning strategy w/ PowerShell
Speaking at #SqlSat569 / #SqlSatPrague
Raspberry PI Halloween Project: Creepy Greeting Skull
Testing Your #SSAS Cubes w/ Visual Studio
Continuous Delivery w/ Analysis Services and Visual Studio Online

Q3 (3 posts)

#SqlSaturday Denmark – September 17th 2016
Creating a Striped Disk on Your Azure VM
Speaking at #SqlSatGothenburg

Q2 (10 posts)

#SqlSatDublin (#SqlSat501) – ReCap
SQL Server 2016 RTM available as Azure VM
Slides from Pro Techniques Talk at MsBIP
How to Query SSASMD using #DAX
Speaking at Microsoft BI Professionals Denmark
How to Quickly Remove Snippet Line Numbers in Visual Studio
#TSQL2SDAY #77 – Favorite SQL Server Feature – RoundUp
Do You Speak Azurian?
Invitation to #TSQL2SDAY #77 – Favorite SQL Server Feature
New EU Legislation potentially cripples #SQLServer2016

Q1 (11 posts)

SSAS Compare by Red-Gate
Danish SQL Server 2016 Launch Event – SQLNexus
Unpacking the Raspberry PI 3
Using PowerShell to get current Data/Log/Temp and Backup Directories from SSAS
Filtering Tables in #SQLServer Management Studio
My First IoT Project – Part 1
Speaking at #SqlSat501 in Dublin
Jump into #PowerBI
A Hello World Custom Assembly in SSAS
Permission Scope in Analysis Services

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