The Circle of Work Life

Before my now roughly two and a half years in Maersk Line IT, I was working both as a consultant and an internal developer in Rehfeld Partners, now part of IMS Health. At Rehfeld I was both part of the Effektor team, but also worked in the Health Care team as well as the Private Sector team. Before joining Rehfeld, I had a short stop at KMD, which I will gracefully skip describing here. But, about Eight (8) years ago, I left Knowledge Cube where I had been scooped up as a Business Intelligence Rookie. Initially the Company (A-Ware) had three (3) partners, of whom two stayed on to become partners in Knowledge Cube. One of these partners, Erik Svensen (b|l|t), is now Owner of the Company CatManSolution. Erik was one of the initial three who instilled BI into my career path, and now he will, once more.

From today, I will (again) be working with the team on CatManSolution as a Business Intelligence Architect (effectively: BI Dude, so no change there). I am looking so much forward to taking on this opportunity, as I see a lot of fun and challenging tasks ahead – with great people around me. Not to mention a lot of potential for growth and research & development. I will, going forward, be working with the full suite of SQL Server as well as Azure offerings. I have missed out on that, during my tenure at Maersk, so It’ll be good again to get hands-on, rather than just reading up on new features and products.

CatManSolution allows you, as end user, to find report groups and concepts, such as

  • Status and ranking
  • Focus on development
  • Benchmarks and potentials
  • Promotion management
  • Zero sale and distribution
  • Price analyzer
  • New launchings
  • StorePictures and StoreEvent
  • Stock analysis

Data is coming in from an number of different sources, and obviously more sources are to come.


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