New York Re-Visit

Please allow me to express my gratitude towards the team behind the upcoming SQLSaturday in New York for allowing me to speak on Security in Analysis Services (SSAS). I am really looking forward to get back to the Big Apple, and also very exited about delivering my first session on another Continent.
I have only visited New York once before, on the way home from PASS Summit 2014 I made a stop over to watch The New York Jets (1-8) host my favorite NFL team The Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3). In the weeks leading up to that game, Big Ben had just set an NFL record of throwing 12 touchdowns in two consecutive games, so you can imagine, expectations were very high. And you can imagine my disappointment, as The Steelers lost 13-20 by poor performance (M. Vick had as great 1st qtr). I left with 8 minutes on the clock, in order to get from MetLife to JFK in time for my flight, via public transportation (so if you want to know how it’s done, I did it).

My View from the Top of MetLife Stadium

Enough with the Fottball alright – This time in New York, my 2nd time, I will be speaking at the SQLSaturday event about Analysis Services Security (and as the entire NFL is in trainingcamp, except maybe The Patriots who will be in court, there’s no Football this time around).

My session will go from a brief introduction to the SSAS way of dealing with security (which is quite opposite to std. Windows way), over a quick guided tour through the GUI in SQL Server Management Studio. Most of the session will however cover how to set security through the use of PowerShell and the Analysis Services Management Objects (AMO). I hope to leave the attendees with a high level of confidence and insight into the ways of the SSAS security model. I also hope to broaden the toolbox and discuss the challenges of those attending my session. For me, I hope to be inspired by some of the great work that is done out there. So please join me on a great May morning in New York to discuss on SSAS Security.

PS: My wife still has no clue, so please keep it quiet 🙂

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