PASS Summit 2014 Pre Cons + Wednesday

This year I finally got to say “I am attending PASS Summit”. I have been envious of those who got to attend previous years, and now finally I got to put on the PASS badge.


I have been attending two pre cons, Predictive Analytics in The Enterprise and Agile Data Warehousing : Start to Finish. Both did not, unfortunately, live up to my expectations. Maybe I was just hyping myself, being first timer and all, but I have attended pre cons before, and they were all on a completely different level. Sadly very little take away on both topics.

On Wednesday the Summit really kicked off, and I went to some very good sessions, including Building Hybrid Power BI solutions w/ Rod Colledge [b|l|t], Interactive Data Visualization with Power View w/ Will Thompson neding the day of with Continuous Delivery for Data Warehouses and Marts w/ John Welch [b|l|t]. All of the session were very well executed and obviously hosted by great professionals.

Regarding the community, I have had the pleasure of meeting up with some old acquaintances and meeting new people – always a pleasure and very interesting to hear about problems and solutions that other have solved or are currently facing. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get much spare time to really go sight seing in Seattle, hopefully I’ll get a chance next year, as the Summit is announced to be hosted here in Seattle again.


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